Dry Itchy Skin Why Suffer Anymore - 5 Effective Tips To Help Maintain Healthy Clear Skin

Published: 29th September 2008
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If you suffer from dry itchy skin it can nearly drive you mental, you constantly scratch, rip and pick off small and large pieces of dead and sometimes not so dead skin, to the point of occasionally drawing blood. As much as you hope the itch will go away it rarely does without the help of some form of dry skin care cream or ointment

People who experience itching on the top of their head beneath the hair know how unbearable it can be, and often leads to other skin conditions like unsightly dandruff which is embarrassing when it falls like snow all over your shoulders. Hopefully the following tips will help you control and maybe overcome your dry itchy skin problems.

Tip #1. Keep Skin and Hair Clean - Wash Everyday if Possible

Some people like baths, most have showers, others don't wash everyday for various reasons and they are usually the one's likely to suffer skin issues, You need to remove loose skin, dirt and perspiration by washing everyday. Not everyone can or needs to wash their hair everyday but don't leave it more than a couple of days or it's likely to start getting itchy.

Tip #2. Regularly Check Skin All Over For Changes and Growths

Dry itchy skin can appear anywhere on your body other than just obvious places like your face, arms, hands and legs. Older people start getting dry white age spots and dry itchy skin in places like under their arms, behind the knees on their back, under the feet and other awkward areas to examine. Always keep an eye out for dryness and changes to moles, warts and spots. If you can't see on your back or elsewhere have someone take a look for you.

Tip #3. Try not to Rub, Scratch or Pick at the Skin

When the itch gets bad its nearly impossible to leave it alone, but the worst thing you can do to your dry itchy skin is rub, scratch and pick at it. When you find a dry skin care product that relieves your itchy skin and scalp always keep it handy and apply it as soon as possible to the affected area. Whatever you do don't scratch or pick off the skin as it will only cause further irritation and damage.

Tip #4. Use Natural Plant Oils

The skin care industry is releasing new products daily to help relieve dry itchy skin and replenish moisture. Creams with carefully balanced natural ingredients are widely now available.

Some of the best dry skin care creams contain proven hydrating ingredients such as Manuka honey, and oils like macadamia and avacado. When applied and left on can penetrate deeply into your skin producing a powerful hydrating effect.

Beware of some commonly used natural oils that are not hypo allergenic such as mineral oil. This oil can potentially make your skin dependent on it, then when you stop using it your skin becomes dryer than before. Using these oils may lead to clogged pores and skin irritations because the skin cannot naturally breath.

Tip #5. Use Only Good Quality Natural Skin Care Products

Dry skin care ointments containing ingredients like CoenzymeQ10 penetrate deep into the dry itchy skin areas to give relief. A further benefit to using this ingredient is its ability to increase collagen and elastin production in the skin, which also helps reduce signs of aging.

Natural Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that can reverse the effects of aging on the skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and also helps prevent age spots appearing.

Cynergy TK contains functional keratin which is similar to the basic protein found in human skin. Applications of it to the skin in some studies have shown a 14% improvement in skin moisture retention over 18 days. Following these five steps can improve your dry itchy skin and make you look and feel better. There are many natural dry skin care products available you can trust. Look for products that help control your specific symptoms. Try getting more sleep and rest, do a little more exercise, drink more water and protect yourself from the sun. Taking these few simple steps and using a good quality natural skin care product will help you feel good about yourself and get you raring to go.

Mike Iredale is an advocate of living a long natural and healthy lifestyle, and researches natural skin care and health products to help young and old alike. To learn more visit his site now at http://www.best-health-skin-site.com to find out which company he recommends to give you the best results.

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